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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010
10:15 am - The Dark Side
So after much dragging of the feet, and in a way quite similar to beginning LiveJournal, I got a Facebook account.

So far I'm not impressed with it. I like LJ sooooo much more, and I can't tell if it's because I feel more comfortable with LJ, as it's what I'm used to, or if I just really don't like Facebook. Needless to say, I probably won't be on either of them much. I can access both from work, but Facebook has been EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN whereas LJ is so obscure it wasn't specifically named in the memo. This means that after 8 hours of staring at a computer screen here at work, I'd have to go home and actively plop myself in front of another computer to check/update Facebook and I don't know...the thought sort of makes me tired. I don't really understand how to use it so I'm going to see if my sister will give me a tutorial.

On the other hand, hot damn have some people been crawling out of the woodwork! I'm sort of flattered that some of these friend requests are coming up to be honest, but I have to admit that a couple of them don't make sense to me. Also the pictures that people have been sending are nice - I forgot that I used to look like that.

John thinks that Facebook is the devil, that it's the tool of the government and he doesn't even want his picture on there in my profile. Of course, if that's the case, then half of my family members are tagged too - I even found out my great uncle has a damn facebook account.

I actually found my best friend from grade/high school last night and I sent her a message. I have been wondering about her for a long time, as a falling out in 1998 pretty much ended our friendship at the time. I really hope she responds, but if she doesn't, I guess I understand. I know that I'm no longer the kid that used to run around wearing lensless glasses because they looked like John Lennon's, feeling all tough and grown up because we snuck out and went to Walmart at 3 in the morning to buy oreo cookies, and pretending to smoke pot. I'm pretty sure she's changed quite a bit in the past 12 years as well...hell, maybe it's for the best that we *don't* get in contact with each other again.

In other news, my knee is well on it's way to recovery. The surgery was a success, the recovery was not very painful, and the physical therapy has been smooth and almost not needed. If it wasn't for my hip trouble everything would be fine. The therapist says I've got a hip impingement, which is just going to take some time and a considerable amount of pain to work through. I hope he's right. Insurance is only going to cover 20 visits to see him, so hopefully he can fix it in the allotted time.

I still pretty much hate my insulin pump, but at least it's something that I'm more or less getting used to.

This week is Vegas week! I leave tomorrow morning with my parents to spend 5 blissful days at the Mirage. Mom and I will both be sort of hobbling around, as she is just now starting to walk after her knee surgery. Gonna be fun times for sure. Plus we get to see the Cirque Du Soleil Beatles show again! Yay!

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Thursday, February 18th, 2010
2:59 pm - Just in case anyone needed/wanted to know
I finally got my insulin pump last week. I have been on it for seven days today, have had to change out the set twice by myself, and will be a lot happier when my rates stabilize and I start seeing some better blood sugars. I don't like it, at all, but it is becoming more tolerable. Which is good.

I also just found out this morning that I'm going to have knee surgery done next wednesday. The pain that has been haunting me since last September is about to (hopefully) be gone, and I am VERY much looking forward to that. Next step will be conquering the supposed tendinitis in my hip!

Work has been utter bullshit lately, but seeing as how I've already met my deductible for the year and the job market is still pretty awful, I can put up with it a bit longer.

Jennifer's birthday is coming up in April and I wanted to surprise her with a birthday cake by the guy that is making my wedding cake. On the one hand she would LOVE it, but on the other I can't justify $60 on a birthday cake. Not now, and honestly not ever.

Freaking Olympics is messing up my tv shows. Grrr.

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Thursday, January 7th, 2010
2:21 pm - 9 Weeks Ago? Seriously?
I've just spent the past ten minutes scrolling through the past two weeks of LJ posts. For some odd reason, every time I read LJ I get sad. This time was no exception.

Lots of things have been happening, but most of them are the complainy sorts of things that would have had me RUNNING to LJ to post a few years ago, but now it just seems like a chore. You guys would not believe how many posts I've started in my head, only to once again realize later that typing all that up takes a lot longer than thinking it.

Several people have been doing the review of the decade, and I do think that's neat. But I'd have to scroll through old LJ posts to even remember such years as say, 2003. In fact, I think I started my LJ in 2002, so I'd be even more clueless as to how the previous couple of years went. I can't even remember who I was dating in 2000...Jeremy? Was that the year Karen came to visit? Shit, this is sad. Remembering this sort of stuff would take *work*.

A lot of important things happened in the past ten years of course...graduated college, got married, got divorced, got a niece and nephew. Watched (or heard about) most of my friends get married, watched a lot of them have kids. Drag myself out of a horrible stressful job to start over in a new one. Watch my health level start to decline and still not give a damn about it until it was almost too late. I think in a lot of aspects I've grown up, and yet there are quite a few things that have stayed the same, just been hidden. If y'all thought I was a pessimist back then, well, that person was *optimistic* compared to who I am now. I guess getting older does that to a lot of people though.

2009 for a bunch of people was a horrible, terrible year. For me it has been pretty good though. I finally got out of an apartment. I managed to get rid of my credit card debt, and after this wedding is paid for becoming completely debt free is just a matter of months away. I'm living with my sweetheart, who can be a silly ass a lot of them time, but never a mean one. Which is a blessing. I'm almost making the money that I was making when I quit my last job. My current boss is the best one I've ever had. Nothing really bad happened last year, and it was mostly just life being lived rather pleasantly, if a bit boring. Which is just fine with me.

Christmas and New Years were spent with family, doing the same thing we usually do. I finally got to meet John's twin sister, which was a surreal experience. Jennifer gave me a Beatles Trivial Pursuit game for Christmas, which is one of the most awesome things ever. It's caused me to dive headfirst back into everything Beatles. I can't get enough of them, listening to the music, digging out all my old Beatles memorabilia and such. I had forgotten how much joy I used to get out of loving the group, and it's back full force. What I'm really enjoying at the moment is how I'm hearing the music differently than my teenage ears heard it, with a stupid smile plastered on my face the entire time.

Jennifer is pregnant with her third kid, due in August. That's going to be a big deal this year, along with my wedding in October. I'm getting an insulin pump in the next month or so, which will be different. Mom and I are going to Vegas for a week in March. It's been a really cold winter so far, which is awesome as well. Not a bad start to 2010 after all.

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Wednesday, November 4th, 2009
1:34 pm - Halloween was Fun
My mom's annual Halloween party was a smashing success this year. The theme was "Hawaii" because we hadn't had that theme yet and Mom was hoping it'd be cheaper to decorate and such. Turns out you can spend a ton of money on just about anything. John's brother's in-laws are Cuban, and as such John and Tim have cooked an entire pig in a china box several times. So when Mom found out that they could bring the china box over and she could have an actual roast pig for her luau, she was ecstatic. That also added almost ten people to the guest list, so overall it was one of the largest parties we've ever had. Mom rented a frozen drink machine so we could have pina coladas, bought a keg of beer, and my second cousin brought over his homemade margarita machine. We actually ended up almost running out of pina coladas and we made two batches. We're talking industrial sized drink machine here too, not just a blender.

I've got a ton of pictures and if I ever remember to post them online I'll put up a link. I dressed up in a bikini and bathing suit wrap, because it was the easiest thing I could come up with. I wasn't thrilled with the theme, but it seemed like everyone else certainly was. It's a little ironic that the first really cold Halloween Houston has in years my mom is throwing what amounts to a bathing suit party. But she was able to run her spa and light the chiminea, so she was really happy about that. Most people ended up staying until way later than usual, and when John and I left at 12:30 there were still quite a few people there.

Halfway through the party John dragged me out into the front yard on the pretense of getting something out of the truck. Then he proceeded to drop to one knee and propose, in my parent's driveway. He said he knew that it was my favorite holiday and he'd been carrying the ring around with him for a while, and that he wanted to catch me off guard, which he certainly had. Of course I said yes. When he tried to put the ring on however, we found that Zales had neglected to resize it. He had bought the band and the diamond separately, and when they attached the two they were supposed to bump the band up a couple of sizes. So I had to carry the box around to show everyone and I finally got to wear it for the first time last night.

It is a beautiful ring - a pear shaped diamond, which I've always wanted, with tiny diamonds set into a gold band that run halfway around the ring. It definitely feels strange to have a ring on that finger again, but along with this ring is a giddy sense of "happy" that I don't remember having the last time. I mean, I knew this was coming, so I wasn't totally surprised, but I think I *was* surprised by the serious wave of emotion I experienced when he did propose. Knowing that even though we're living together, now we're one step closer to being married and "really" together makes me so happy. So yay for that.

I watched a lot of horror movies in October and that was cool, although I didn't get to carve a pumpkin or decorate my house. Time and money shortage will do that to you. It is hard to believe that November is already here - it's going to be 2010 before we even realize it.

My insurance has okayed an insulin pump and will pay 100% on the supplies, after I meet my $1,500 deductible. In light of that I'm waiting until January to get one, as that makes way more sense than paying the deductible right now and then again in two months. When I went to the eye doctor last week they told me that there was still bleeding in the retina, only it hadn't gotten any worse. They seemed to think that things were in fairly good shape. Now I'm having my kidneys tested and will find out how far along they are to failure at my appointment next week. I'm still taking serious care of what I eat and stuff so that is good. My Nanie bought me only sugar free candy for Halloween - yes, she still buys us candy even though we're all too old for it - and made me a sugar free cake for the party, so living this way is definitely doable. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep it up.

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Friday, October 16th, 2009
10:32 am - I was up way too late last night
Last night was interesting. John and I drove over to mom's after work to pick up Sarah and Robert, and we decided to go to Jack in the Box for supper. After scrutinizing their menu and nutritional facts online, I've since decided that no one should ever eat there, but consoled myself with a sourdough jack that was only 39 carbs. But I digress. We went to the one by my mom's house, which is starting to become a "bad neighborhood". I will skip the gory details of dinner, but suffice to say that it involved a mostly blind homeless guy managing to completely defile the men's bathroom. When he came out, apparently - thank God I didn't see it - he had feces all over himself, and the stupid worker at Jack in the Box decided to throw clorox into the bathroom and prop the door open to air it out, while we were still eating. I have never been happier to have been wearing bpal in my life, as the perfume created quite a cloud of lovely scent that mostly blocked everything else out. We exited stage left just as fast as our feet could carry us.

Broken Lizard!Collapse )

Overall we had a fantastic time. Sarah had wanted to see more of Eric, but that was about the only complaint. I didn't get to sleep until after midnight last night, so now I'm paying for it. But I'm in a really GREAT mood today, so it was worth it.

And today I paid off my credit card! After four years, the balance is at ZERO. Now I just have to keep it that way!

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Monday, October 12th, 2009
8:36 am - Ah, October
My favorite month is finally here. Thankfully I managed to skip September entirely...well, sort of. I'd love to be able to say that nothing is happening, that my life is going smoothly and worry free, but that isn't the case.

Wherein I rant about diabetesCollapse )

So that's what has been going down. Even with the completely erratic blood sugars of the past week, I have noticed definite health improvements already. If it happens that fast, I just can't even imagine how good I'll feel a few months from now.

It was opening weekend at the Texas Renaissance Festival this past weekend, and we went on Saturday. Jennifer and her whole family went, plus my mom, Angie, John and myself. We had a terrific time. The weather was chilly and overcast, which is just perfect for a day spent outside. The food was great, it was my first time to really drink in over a month, and I was also able to convince John to dress up. We stayed until it started to get dark, which is a lot longer than we usually make it when it's swelteringly hot. I've decided to finally make myself a new outfit for next year. I think I'd like to go with a scottish theme, plus it'll be awesome to get John into a kilt!

This Thursday marks a year of us dating, and I can't really believe that a year has gone by already. We are celebrating by going to see Broken Lizard at the House of Blues on Thursday night, and then to Fogo De Chao on Saturday. I am very excited about both. We watched Beerfest a couple of weeks ago and I can't believe we're going to be in the same room as those guys. Sarah and Robert are going with us, so at least Sarah and I can fangirl together.

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Thursday, August 20th, 2009
2:15 pm - Stuff
So in three days it'll have been two years since I filed for divorce. So much has happened since then that it feels like that life belonged to some other girl. Like it was a story I read about. I am very glad that I did it though. Chris and I are *so* much better off this way. I know that I'm happier, and from what I can tell, he is too. Yay for that.

Since last we spoke, my garden has pretty much expired, with the exception of the basil. Three of my basil plants are over three inches tall, and the other one is growing out instead of up. I need to go ahead and stop procrastinating and transplant them.

I haven't really been posting because honestly, there has been nothing to say. John and I are doing well and we are very much enjoying living in a house instead of an apartment. The house has issues, but in light of this possible $8,000 for new home buyers coupled with the fact that we're going to be in this house for at least the next five or so years is pushing me towards purchasing. I am currently initiating the conversation via email with my realtor to find out what he thinks.

I've been scared to death for my job lately. Dr. Brown has been instituting insane new policies and firing people and/or disbanding their departments all over the place. He refuses to think that it's the economy that is responsible for the largest decline in Brown Hand Center history and is blaming his employees, because obviously someone is screwing up and he's going to find them. We're expanding even through all this, opening new clinics in Dallas, Austin and finally San Antonio, and with all that most likely we're going to have to hire another payables person. Which does, I have to admit, make me feel a little more confident. Only time is going to tell.

I'm working hard on saving money and in fact will have my credit card paid off in October. I've carried that balance since 2006, so it's going to feel damn good to finally be rid of it.

Just finished a book called "The Girlflesh Institute." There was an amazing amount of "omgwtfbbq" in that book. Very funny indeed.

I recently got to spend some time with friends and I was really happy about it, albeit a little nostalgia struck. I need to figure out a way to do that more often. I miss y'all.

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Thursday, June 18th, 2009
9:20 am - Not really a garden anymore
So I've been lax on the garden update because quite frankly, there is nothing but bad news on that front.

I have given up hope for any of the 2006 seeds. I don't know if it's the seeds or the dirt, but none of that worked and so I will be tossing it all out and starting over, probably this time with grow lights. The rosemary still hasn't sprouted, although today is the 16th day and therefore it should be showing up any day now. I am still cautiously hopeful for that one. The italian parsley outside hasn't sprouted, but germination for that stuff starts at 21 days. All the tarragon sprouts died in two days.

The sage was growing so awesome, there were seven sprouts and they were a little over half an inch tall, and then disaster struck. Something outside dug them up. I had three different herbs in that bucket, and only the sage part was disturbed. I tried to salvage one of them and put the bucket on a table, but something got into it *again* the next day. So I've pretty much given up on those. The radishes are still growing, but there is some sort of bug eating little stream patterns into the leaves. I don't know how worried about that I ought to be, but they'll be ready to pull in another couple weeks here, so if something wants to eat the leaves I don't think I really have time to try and dissuade it. One of the basil plants died, but I still have four and they seem to be doing better in the shade than full sun. So we'll just have to see on that one.

I finally bought an Eazy E cd and it is hilarious. Nowhere near as good as NWA, of course, but still good.

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Wednesday, June 10th, 2009
8:51 am - Quick Garden Update
Last night I confirmed the appearance of 8 tarragon sprouts and 2 sage. Still nothing from the 2006 seed kits, and by this point I know I should have seen something. I'll give them another week or so, and if still nothing by then I'll just buy newer seeds and start over.

I read some stuff that says for tarragon and sage you need to let the soil completely dry out before watering each time. I wonder if that goes for sprouts as well? I don't want to waterlog the poor little dears.

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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
8:52 am - Mmmm
Carrabba's last night was fantastic. We had the best waiter, the food was phenomenal, and my whole family showed up. Mom, Dad - who has been having SERIOUS back issues and wasn't sure if he could make it - Angie, Jennifer, Lucian, Evelyn and Luke, and Sarah and Robert. John has bronchitis, so he stayed home and slept.

Evelyn got her first taste of chianti last night. She grabbed my mom's glass and took a BIG gulp of it. I'm the only one that saw it happen, and to her credit, she kind of sat there blinking after I took the glass from her, and then she says "Mmmmmm" and smiles really big. I don't know if she actually liked it or not, but it's a good sign. I also watched her eat an entire plate of kalamata olives and a steamed mussel, so there might be hope for her yet.

She was sitting in my lap last night, nestling up against me, and I pretty much promised her that as soon as she's old enough, I'll show her everything cool and cultural about the world that I'm familiar with and that her parents would probably never let her see. I want to be the kind of aunt for her that I never had. She is a doll. Luke has finally started speaking clear enough that we can understand him. Last night his favorite phrase was "Car goes vroom" and his favorite word was "Nanner", which he would *not* stop saying as soon as he saw the fruit basket at the house.

Many thanks to everyone that sent me birthday wishes. I don't particularly like the fact that I'm 29, but I guess I'll get over that somehow.

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Monday, June 8th, 2009
9:01 am - Yay Gardening
And now, a garden update!

I planted everything on the evening of 6/2. Three days later, I had my first radishes sprouting, which was a little early. As of today I have 9 of the 10 that I planted, and they are all almost an inch tall already. The packet says to thin them out to about an inch apart when they get to be three inches tall, but I had pretty much planted them all about an inch apart in the same pot. So I might just let them go and see what happens. The packet says I should be able to harvest them in about 25 days, which means that if all else goes well I might be eating some fresh radishes at the end of June. All nine of them in fact, as John has informed me (after I planted them) that he doesn't like radishes. More for me! Or perhaps I'll share them with my family...haven't decided yet.

The basil has also sprouted, and as of this morning I've got five plants showing. I can't rememeber how many I started unfortunately, but seriously if all five grow into plants then I'm going to be giving them away. One basil "bush" that Chris and I had made way more than enough basil for the two of us.

Nothing else has sprouted, but it's only been barely six days. The tarragon and sage say 10 to 15 days, the rosemary says 15 to 20, and the parsley says 21 to 28. The chives, thyme and oregano didn't have germination dates on them, but they were also from those 2006 seed kits, so I really don't know if I can expect them to turn into anything or not. I'm pretty excited about all this anyway.

This past weekend was very productive. Went grocery shopping and cleaned the entire house from top to bottom. It is now what I consider "guest ready", so everyone please keep that in mind. :) For some reason I had it in my head that I wanted to cook lamb for the first time in my life, so I found a recipe on Food Network, bought a leg of lamb from Central Market, and made that on Saturday night. DAMN did it taste good. My first time to cook lamb, first time to have to tie something up in kitchen twine, and first time to use a meat thermometer. It wasn't the prettiest thing in the world, but I was very happy with the way it came out. Then last night we had lamb paninis with the leftovers, and I wanted to cry they tasted so good.

Tonight's dinner will be at Carraba's Italian Grill with my family. I've already looked up their menu online and am planning my order, I am that excited about it. Yay food.

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Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009
8:28 am - Growing Season Over
After doing some extensive research, and by extensive I mean surfing the web for a couple of hours and checking the backs of the seed packets, I have come to the conclusion that I might have totally missed the Texas growing season for most herbs and veggies. Yesterday I decided the best stance to take would be one of "fuck it" and planted some stuff anyways.

I had some seed kits from 2006 that I must have bought when Chris and I were still planning on doing a balcony herb garden, plus about seven packets of seeds that I'd picked up recently at Walmart. The way I figure it, I don't know if seeds from 2006 will grow or not, but I basically have nothing to lose. The money has already been spent, and if I don't grow them now then that's another year they'll be sitting on a shelf. So why not give it a try?

While in my head I'd love to have a real garden, with tomatoes, peppers, squash, all sorts of neat stuff, I know better than to expect that to work at this time. That'll have to be next year, when I know to start growing stuff indoors in late February or early March. So yesterday I planted thyme, chives and oregano in the tiny little clay pots that came with the growing kits and kept them indoors. I also planted the Walmart rosemary in a 4 inch clay pot and kept that one inside too. Outside, each in it's own pot, are Walmart sweet basil and Walmart radishes. Also outside in a planter are Walmart sage, italian parsley, and tarragon. I just stuck everything that wasn't in a grow kit in potting soil and am hoping for the best. If stuff grows, then sweet, if not, then better luck next year. But no matter what I am excited.

Our house really isn't the best place to grow stuff in general. It's almost completely shaded, and none of the windows are set in a spot that will get optimal sunlight. I've got the inside pots on the windowsill in the bathroom that gets the most light in the afternoons, but none of them are going to get a full day of sunlight, not even the potted ones outside on the back porch. I've been reading up on doing raised beds and stuff like that, but I don't want to do too much to change the backyard since we're only renting. There is a flower bed type section along the back fence, but the fence above it is hosting a huge jasmine vine that overhangs and obscures most of the sunlight. I don't want to pull or move the jasmine - even though it originates in someone else's yard - because it might be a selling point for the house and I don't want to upset the owners. But really, all of this will be moot if I can't get anything to grow in the pots, so I'm just going to calm down and wait.

All that being said, if anyone has any tips on gardening in general, I'm all ears.

John and I have been watching The Venture Bros. recently, as he's never seen it. I had almost forgotten what a delightful little show that is. I'm looking forward to the fourth season!

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Thursday, May 28th, 2009
12:50 pm - Forgetting
Reading and then deleting old emails makes me almost irrationally sad.

Have I really forgotten that much about my life already? Plus, if something is over, what's the use in keeping electronic reminders of when it might have been a happier time?

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Monday, May 18th, 2009
9:38 am - Yay
We are completely moved in to the new house! Yay!

Saturday was the last of the actual moving, appliances and beds and such. We finally enlisted the help of others, namely my mom, John's brother and his now ex-roommate. I am glad of this, because my mom put my pantry and most of my kitchen in order and took me to lunch. Also I didn't have to help move beds, and that made me happy.

The cats were confused and sad for the first couple of hours. Sifl hid amongst the boxes, Olly hid in the entertainment center, and Frito ran around from room to room on the constant prowl like a fat, furry little landshark. Of course, their journey to the new house was accompanied by a thunderstorm, so they were completely freaked before we even got there. By the end of the evening though, I think they were mostly okay.

Sunday the Direct TV guy came out and installed the satellite dish. It took him from 9 in the morning until almost 3 in the afternoon, but it works. He had to dig a trench through the backyard and lay the wires underground, since the landlord doesn't want a satellite on the roof. I went and cleaned my old apartment for four hours, but it's just about spotless.

I'm feeling a little bit of anxiety over moving. The new house doesn't feel like "home", and thoughts like "this is the last shower I'll ever take at my apartment" or "this is the last time I'll ever have to vacuum this room again" have been plaguing me the past week. I lived in that apartment for three years. It's the first place that I pretty much was completely on my own in, and a lot of stuff has happened there, not all of it good. It was really hard to get to sleep on Saturday, and I got up and walked around in the dark and bumped into things, and I listened to the sounds of an unfamiliar neighborhood, and I tried to stop thinking about all the work we still have to do to get things comfortable. It's a transition alright.

I'm really glad that I have John to do this with. I feel lucky to finally be in a house, and he's been an absolute jewel throughout this entire process. He found the realtor, he found the refridgerator, he's hooked up the internet and surround sound for the tvs and pretty much moved everything himself. I feel safe when he's around, and that's a good thing. He knows so much stuff that I don't, stuff that I just take for granted. It feels like that missing piece has finally been filled in. Life is good at the moment.

Also! I'm going to get a 3% raise on my next paycheck, but Denise is trying to get me 5%. So we shall see how that pans out.

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Friday, May 8th, 2009
2:26 pm - Friday
Man, I really hate people that run around saying "It's Friday!" all day long, as if a) that means anything and b) everyone didn't already know that. It's almost as bad as people running around saying "It's Monday." Grrr.

The moving is going well, if a bit slowly. I have SO MUCH STUFF. I can't even believe how much stuff I've accumulated, and how I managed to shove it all into a two bedroom apartment. Closets and cabinets do wonders for that I guess. Plus the amount of expired medicine in my bathroom and food in my pantry is staggering. Ibuprofen from 2004, anyone?

Michael says I'm like a dragon, and I suppose he's got a point. I don't buy stuff to use it, I buy it to have it. To look at all my pretty things, to smell my perfume and soap and revel in just the idea of ownership. I always did have a fondness for Smaug. :)

This weekend contains a day trip to Austin which should be awesome, and hopefully crawfish with mom on Sunday. No moving this weekend! Well, maybe just a little. Like one load. Tonight we're bringing another two truck loads worth, and really that's all I want to think about in terms of moving. The Rockets game is at 9:30, and I want to be back in time to watch it.

The people we're renting the house from have extended an offer to attend church with them. They are Presbyterian and they meet on Sundays in an elementary school. I think I may go one weekend just to be nice, but on the other hand I don't want to open a can of worms when I do not continue to go. Maybe I'll just thank them and politely decline instead. Haven't decided yet.

Two and a half more hours to go.

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Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
8:29 am - Spoke too soon
We got the house! Yay!

Moving in can begin May 1. I'm so happy I could just pop. Plus the owners are really awesome people - got to meet them last night.


EDIT: If anyone is interested, for as long as it stays up here's the house info.


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Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
4:14 pm - House hunting is not as much fun as it sounds
John and I are looking to move in together, as our leases are both up within a couple weeks of each other. Since my lease is up on May 31, we started looking for houses two months ago. The first two real estate people that we contacted informed us that we were looking way too early, and should wait until we were a month away from needing to move.

So stupidly enough, we followed their advice. We started looking last week, got a real estate agent, Bob, who is amazing, and gave him some houses we were interested in. His first comment was "Y'all should have started looking a *lot* sooner." We've looked at almost fifteen houses so far in person, and several online. It seems like every one of them has some problem or another, the most common one being that the owners of the houses do not want to rent to people with cats. Dogs seem to be fine, but cats are obviously Satan spawn.

The rental houses in Houston are going so quickly that twice now we have been set up to go view one that's gone off the market the day of or the day before. We actually had the money ready and were driving out to put a down payment on one of them, only to find that the owner suddenly changed their mind and the cats were not going to be okay. That was the day that I pretty much broke. I haven't cried like that in a long time.

I absolutely refuse to get rid of my cats. They are family, they're my babies, and even leaving them at mom's house or something would be too much for me. If we can't find a house, then we'll just have to get an apartment. My current place is raising the rent another 80 a month. That means I'll be paying $1,025 for a crappy two bedroom apartment with horrible maintenance and even worse management. Not I, said the little red hen. No way in hell.

So we went out last night to look at four more houses. All of these are a lot farther out than I wanted to go, but anything close, decent looking and in a safe neighborhood has a prejudice against cats. I told Bob that I didn't even want to set foot in another house that wouldn't let my cats live there, because falling in love with a place only to have it snatched out from under you is more fun than I can take for the third time.

The house we decided on currently has more than one application on it, and the owners are making their decision today. I've been sick to my stomach and driven to distraction all day. Here it is, 4:30, and we still haven't heard anything. I just don't know what to think, but we're running out of both time and options. So please everyone keep their fingers crossed for me.

In other news, the job is terribly boring but is going pretty well. My year review is in May, and hopefully I'll get a raise. Plus they've started handing out quarterly bonus checks based on how much profit the surgery centers outside of Houston have made, so that is REALLY nice.

Vegas with Mom and Dad was a lot of fun. We gambled a lot, walked the strip and looked at hotels, went to the wax museum at The Venetian. Also one evening we got really dressed up, had dinner at Stack, and saw the Cirque du Soleil show Love at the Mirage. We were in the second row from the stage, and at many points the performers were literally hovering over us. The show was magical in a way that can't be described in mere words, and I cried at more than one part. It was wonderful.

Overall it was nice to spend a week with my parents and to get away from all the idiots that bug me so much at work. I missed John like crazy, as that was the longest we've ever been apart from each other. He grew a lovely scruffy mountain man beard while I was gone, that was promptly removed at my urging when I came home. I didn't lose much money, because quite honestly I didn't have much to start with. So that was good too. I took dozens of pictures, many of them quite silly, since I had my own digital camera finally. There's also a short video of my mom dancing when she hit a jackpot. Yay!

My life is actually going pretty well at the moment. It's starting to shape into what I've been wanting it to be for a while, and that's a really good thing. Although I miss all of you.

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Thursday, March 19th, 2009
9:37 am
Is Cepheid.org down? Anyone know anything about that?

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Thursday, March 5th, 2009
8:34 am - The Dark Tower
I finally finished it last night.

I sat there staring at the blank space on the last page, feeling a mix of emotions. I've been working on the series for a little over a year now I think, and it's done. That jewel that I've been holding onto for so long, *waiting* to read it, making myself wait, well, I'll never be able to read it for the first time ever again. In some spots along this way, this is a very good thing.

For the most part I did like the story, although there were issues that I had with several spots that irritated me really badly. No surprise there. The ending though, the ending was superb. I think that this ending is my favorite Stephen King ending ever. So yay for that.

Anyone want to talk about it?

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Monday, March 2nd, 2009
9:13 am - Been away for a while
So a couple of weeks ago they basically made us sign a piece of paper here at work stating that if they caught us online for personal use, we could and would be terminated. Since then I've been trying to stay offline as much as possible - I mean, yeah, I'm posting this from work right now so you can see how well it's working out - and therefore haven't been reading LJ at all. I'm usually too busy or too tired after work to read it, and therefore if anything important is happening to anyone that I only would have known about through LJ, it's not that I don't care, it's that I just don't know.

I am incredibly caught up at work, incidentally. There is pretty much nothing for me to do. I'm caught up on back projects, there is nothing in the inbox, and I've actually attempted to sit here and read a book twice already. This is good and bad. I mean, the one week where I had to work 8 hours of overtime, that sucked. But now trying to fill up an 8 hour day with nothing...I'm not sure which is worse.

Anyways, other than that things are good. I finally mailed off Christmas presents to my overseas friends, so that is a relief. Went to the barbeque cook off this weekend, and that was a lot of fun until we had to walk about 16 blocks in the forty degree weather, drunk and tired. Well, *I* was drunk and tired. The golf carts that were carrying people around at the beginning of the cook off weren't running out to the Metro station later on. John's brother apparently almost got pick pocketed on the Metro on the way home too. But like I said, other than that, we did have fun. There is nothing quite like getting to eat and drink all you want for free, and then dancing to live music in a tent that's threatening to blow over with the force of the wind.

This weekend I am attempting to go fishing. Hopefully the weather will allow it. Yay!

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